EVENT DATE AND TIME: June 25th 2023. Noon to 3pm. (Walk starts at 1 pm).

Location: Cathedral of the Holy Family (123 Nelson Road – Saskatoon)

To help us raise funds this year we are charging a small fee to sign-up to Walk, Run or Roll in our event. This small fee will allow us to raise some additional funds after two tough years.

Our name for this event is the Move to Cure Saskatoon ALS Walk

Be sure to tag us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/alssocietysask or by sending us an email so we can post it and celebrate you: director@alssask.ca and if you provide us anything before the walk day (June 26th) you will likely be included in our social media posts that we will be hosting that day. 

If you would like to sign up for the Saskatoon Walk please do so here: SIGN UP FOR THE SASKATOON WALK

If you would like to raise funds for the Saskatoon Walk please do so here: PLEDGE PAGE FOR THE SASKATOON WALK

Stay in touch for these details and more through our social media posts and all our public channels.

Shawn Dreger                                     Denis Simard

President, ALS Society of SK            Executive Director, ALS Society of SK